The Execution (Chapter 25)

Storm Blazer had been taken into prison and was in full view of the audience as he awaited his sentence. He knew that it would be the end of him. Security was tight all around him and there would be no chance for him to escape. A trumpet sounded and an officer of the royal court came rushing in the hall.

“King Kornelius,” announced the officer, as the king entered the hall.

The king walked in and bade the audience to be seated. Everyone in Cloud Headquarters had come to watch Storm Blazer’s execution. There was no doubt that he would be executed or at the very least be sentenced to a lifetime of banishment from the land. There were murmurs from the crowd and the king waited until there was silence.

“Storm Blazer,” started the king, “You have committed many a horrific crime and I hereby order your immediate execution.”

It was as simple as that. The crowd was stunned into silence for a few moments, waiting to hear more from the king. But instead, the king rose and the trumpet sounded again indicating his departure. As the king walked out of the royal court, the murmurs in the crowd grew louder until there was a commotion in the room. They could not believe how short and abrupt the sentencing had been.  They watched as Storm Blazer was taken away while he was still in his special cell.


Petuna and her fairies had joined the king in his royal quarters. Cloud Bearer was present and was briefing the king on the progress of the avalanche. He described how half of the Land of the Flowing River had turned into ice and that Glacier and his army of icicles had tried to fight off the avalanche as much as they could.

“Glacier is on his way back, Your Majesty,” said Cloud Bearer.

“Very well, I think it is time we returned home,” said the king, “I have many matters to attend to, the most important of which is the matter of the intruders. You will make sure they are secured and then I want you all present at the castle first thing tomorrow. For now, you deserve a well-earned rest.”

Cloud Bearer bowed before the king and sailed out of the quarters. Petuna was left wondering what her father would make of the humans. Her mind kept wandering off to Phineas. She knew that she needed to talk to him to get some form of explanation from him as to why he had lied to her. She felt anger and pain every time she thought of him.

“Father, what will become of the humans?” asked Petuna.

The king stared at a blank spot on the floor and sighed deeply.

“That is something I am still considering, my dear. We need to be cautious,” said the king thoughtfully.

Petuna felt heaviness in her heart, “When will we leave for home, father?”

“Right away, my dear,” gestured the king to her. “You have been through enough. We shall be home soon, my dear.”

Minutes later, the king, Petuna and her fairies were sitting in the royal wagon and heading back to the castle. Petuna could not wait to see the familiar castle walls again. But she had not been prepared for the sight below as they sailed through the clouds. There were miles upon miles of iced up patches of land. Even parts of the Flowing River had frozen over from the effects of the avalanche. It would take years and years for the Amber Crystal to regain its power and melt away all the evilness that the avalanche caused, just like what happened last time.

Petuna had many questions floating about in her head. She wondered about Glacier and how he had regained his strength quite so fast. She wondered about her experience at the Crystal Well and what her father had meant when he said that the Amber Crystal had chosen her.  And most of all, she wondered about the fate of Phineas. She did not care for Anton and the others. It was Phineas that she thought of. There was a time when they had helped each other and trusted each other while they had escaped through the Dark Forest. She found it extremely hard to believe the truth about him. The Spring of Dreams had revealed it all and she had been shocked and upset. Petuna sighed sadly and realised that things had not been as they seemed. Nevertheless, she was intent on speaking to him before her father took any decision against them.

The End

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