An Army Comes Together (Chapter 22)

Hetty and Hetitia flew with all their might, following the direction that the liquid compass gave them. They crossed over different terrains and saw the Flowing River at various points in their journey. But they never stopped, flying on until finally they reached the cave to the Spring of Dreams. The fairies collapsed on the ground, overcome with exhaustion and felt the tremors which they had not previously taken notice of, having been above ground all this time. It was enough to frighten away any trace of fatigue. Hetty fluttered up to the rock face where Petuna had retrieved the liquid compass and touched it in the same way that Petuna had. When the chamber appeared, she placed the liquid compass back in its place. They would not need the compass anymore once reunited with Petuna.

Hetitia followed her sister and together, they walked into the cave heading towards the Spring of Dreams. They saw the water pools and waterfalls in a state of panic each time a tremor hit them. Hetty spotted Petuna clutching at the Spring.

“Princess!” cried Hetty.

There was too much commotion for her voice to carry and they kept getting distracted from the tremors that kept hitting the ground. Hetitia grabbed her sister and they fluttered in the air instead, trying to focus on getting over to Petuna.

“Petuna!” cried the fairies in unison, still trying to make their way towards the Spring. She still could not hear them. It was not until they flew right up to her and touched her shoulder did she suddenly fling herself around.

“Oh!” cried Petuna. She was speechless and all she could manage was to burst into tears as they embraced her. The Spring shielded them from the commotion around them. Water droplets had gone into a frenzy and the Spring was trying to calm them down. She looked at the fairies who understood at once. The Spring had a duty towards the pools and waterfall and now that the fairies were here, the Spring knew that Petuna was in safe hands again.

“Come along, Petuna. Let’s get out of here,” said Hetty as both fairies held on to her and carried her through the air. Petuna hung on to them tightly.

“How… how did you find me?” asked Petuna weakly.

“The liquid compass, we brought it back,” said Hetty quickly.

Petuna looked at her in bewilderment, “Brought it back? Oh Hetty, Oh Hetitia, I’m so sorry for all this… this… it’s just that I fell out and…”

“It’s ok, no need for any of this now. We know everything,” said Hetitia kindly.

“But what about father and the Amber Crystal!” cried Petuna, “We must get word to father right away! Oh…”

“Calm down, Your Highness,” comforted Hetty as she caressed her long hair. Another tremor hit them and Petuna held on.

“The King has been alerted, as far as we know,” said Hetty.

“So it must’ve been Cloud Bearer…” said Petuna dreamily as she recalled her experience at the Melting Marsh.

“What happened?” asked Hetitia.

“Oh! I’ve had the most awful time. Chased into the Dark Forest by Storm Blazer then stumbling across these humans who held Phineas captive. They captured me too and kept me in this weird hut-like place then we escaped and we ended up spending the night under a tree. Oh and don’t get me started on what I had to go through when we reached the Melting Marsh. I honestly thought I would never see you again until it started snowing and I was saved and that’s when I knew that Cloud Bearer had been alerted or had his clouds watch over me. I ran out of power and we had to stop here for a rest but Phineas wouldn’t come in with me and that’s when I found about the truth about him from the Spring and then tremors started and well, here you are,” said Petuna all in one breath not conscious of the expressions that kept changing across the fairies’ faces.

“My…” Hetitia was about to go into an emotional fit but it seemed the adventures Petuna had been through were just too much for her. Her tongue was twisted and she could not motion any wandering waterfalls about her. Of course, it did not help that the tremors kept distracting her every now and then.

“Where have you been all this time!” said Petuna finally taking notice of her fairies.

Hetitia rolled her eyes.

“After we realised you were missing in the castle we searched high and low for you and alerted the castle guards. That’s when Hetitia came up with this brilliant idea that we should consult the Ice Mirror who apparently had been waiting for us! She told us that we had to go through to the Land of Fairies and meet the Fairy Council. We followed the path she told us about until we reached the golden pear tree where we met Fortune Fountain,” said Hetty.

“Oh Fortune!!” cried Petuna.

“Unfortunately, he had been cursed by Glacier and the water-wrestlers ever since…” Hetty’s voice trailed off not wanting to remind Petuna of her mothers’ death.

Hetitia carried on, “Hetty set him free and he helped us get to the Fairy Council. They told us that we should head to the Wallowing Waterfall where we would meet you and that the King had been alerted to all what had happened.”

“When we came out and looked for Fortune Fountain, we found him in confrontation with Glacier!” said Hetty.

“Oh! That good for nothing!” started Petuna.

“That’s what we thought but he’s proved his worth, Petuna. Fortune doubted him too. We all did and he was Fortune’s captive until we reached the Wallowing Waterfall. It wasn’t long before the tremors started and that’s when we realised that the Amber Crystal had been removed. Glacier rushed to protect the Wallowing Waterfall from the avalanche. He fought with all his might and exploded into a hundred chunks. He finally managed to divert the course of the avalanche and save Wallowing Waterfall. But he’s fallen into a deep coma and we left Fortune tending to him. It looks like he will need to be admitted. We took the opportunity to come and find you despite us clearly defying the Fairy Council’s instructions. This is our chance to do something to fix all this,” said Hetty.

Petuna was listening with interest when another tremor hit them.

“Fairies, I’m so glad you’re here. When the tremors hit all I kept thinking about was how to get word to father. How I needed to do something. Now we can,” said Petuna.

“Then we must not delay, we must make our way back to the Wallowing Waterfall fast,” said Hetty.

Petuna nodded in agreement although she knew the risks. If any of the water-wrestlers found them they would be doomed. Nevertheless, the land was being devoured as they sat there thinking and they had to take that risk. Her powers would be useless with an iced over land. Petuna closed her eyes and waited as the fairies made their way in her hair. Rays of light shone from her until she looked like one huge ball of strong light. She found herself slowly being elevated in the air and flew at high speed. Nothing could stop them now.

It was only moments later that they found themselves at the Wallowing Waterfall. Petuna touched the ground softly and the fairies suddenly appeared beside her. Fortune Fountain was standing with a huge grin on his face. Next to him, in all his past glory, was Glacier, standing tall in one huge mended chunk with all his armour. The fairies looked at each other in amazement and fluttered over to them. Petuna followed closely behind wondering how Glacier had managed to recover in record time.

“Glacier!” cried Hetty, “How… how…”

“Interesting!” laughed Fortune Fountain, “It’s a long story that you will have to remind me to tell you about later but now we have no time to lose.”

Petuna stood with her arms folded across her chest eyeing Glacier and Fortune Fountain closely. She still did not trust Glacier and seeing him in his armour made him all the more suspicious. They noticed the princess standing close by and immediately bowed.

“Your Highness! Forgive our impoliteness! Thank goodness you’re safe,” said Fortune Fountain.

“Your Highness, at your service,” said Glacier.

Petuna said nothing and just watched them closely. When she finally found the words to speak she said, “Glacier! You are a traitor and the only service you can do to me is to be banished from this land.”

Petuna turned around and walked a distance away to hide her anger and bitterness as recalled the disaster Glacier had caused many years ago. The fairies bowed their heads then looked up at Fortune Fountain and Glacier before giving them acknowledging looks and going after her. Glacier looked at Fortune Fountain sadly but Fortune was not about to let this go.

Fortune Fountain walked over to Petuna and knelt down, “Your Highness.”

Petuna turned around to face him.

“Please give me permission to speak.”

Petuna sighed and knew they had no time for explanations, “Make it quick!”

“Your Highness, Glacier is….”

But Fortune Fountain did not get the chance to continue his words. The royal trumpet sounded and the sound of drums rolled. They all turned around and found that Wallowing Waterfall had changed her tune and song to the royal water anthem. Petuna could not believe her eyes. Descending from the sky was an army of clouds. Coming out of the waterfall was an army of icicles and leading them all together was King Kornelius in all his glory along with his royal cavalry. The fairies fluttered in the air at the sight as Fortune Fountain and Glacier stood in attention. Petuna almost fainted at the sight of her father and ran towards him. She fell into his arms and instantly felt strong and secure. The King held on to his daughter as he addressed the crowd before him.

“The time for explanations and pointing fingers had past gone! We are at war with an alien invasion. The Amber Crystal has been stolen and I, King Kornelius, have come to claim it back and save this land from destruction,” spoke the King.

The crowd cheered in agreement. Wallowing Waterfall sang her national tune. Fortune Fountain spouted strong fountains of water and Glacier stood strong and mighty ahead of his army of icicles.

“We do not know how long this war will last. We do not know how many will die. But what we do know is that when all is said and done, the Amber Crystal will be claimed back and we will have defeated our enemy!” shouted the King at the crowd again.

The crowd cheered again. Petuna was standing a few metres away from her father watching him with admiration and cheering along with the crowd. The fairies fluttered in the air and were ready for the battle that was to come. They knew that their task would be to protect the princess no matter what. The King said a few more words of encouragement and motivation and that was when everyone knew that the battle was about to begin.

The End

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