The Avalanche (Chapter 19)

Glacier grew restless and could hardly wait for the avalanche to hit. He wanted to do was to pre-empt a strike and stop what he could from the avalanche before it struck the Wallowing Waterfall. Glacier knew how to get to the Crystal Well and found himself diving deep into the water. He swam against the current that was forcing him back until he reached the entrance to the Crystal Well. Another tremor hit as she was swimming deep in the water and it jolted him from side to side. He finally emerged and could see the avalanche from afar eating everything in its way. He puffed up his chest and sharpened his icicles, walking towards it decisively, staring at it and trying to stop the avalanche with his gaze if he could.

The avalanche rolled over not stopping for a moment, devouring everything in its way until it crashed into Glacier, showing no mercy. It was like a scene from a movie in slow motion as the two opponents clashed. The avalanche tried to advance forward but Glacier’s resistance was strong. Closing in, Glacier’s icicles were ready for attack and proceeded to fight off the fierce snow flakes with vengeance. Many were deflected and confused by the assault and Glacier did not give them a chance to recover. He fought with all his might and threw his icy spears without warning.

The avalanche was much stronger and bigger than Glacier was and Glacier knew that he could not sustain his strength against the force of the avalanche much longer. That is when he got the idea. It would mean months of healing but he had no choice. He closed his eyes and disintegrated into numerous chunks that spread out and flew in the air, hitting the avalanche in different key spots, catching the avalanche by surprise. Glacier was in pain with his pieces scattered and fighting for their lives against the mighty avalanche. It was several hours later when Glacier managed to ward off a large portion of the avalanche. He managed to strategically redirect avalanche’s course so that it was no longer heading towards the Wallowing Waterfall.

Glacier collapsed on the ground in exhaustion but more out of pain while the avalanche picked up speed behind him. He watched as the avalanche devoured parts of untouched land and felt the tremors slow in frequency as it headed farther away. Glacier’s chunks lay scattered around and he looked at them in pain.

In a moment of clarity, he was surprised to find Fortune Fountain standing by his side, tears welling up in his eyes. He walked over and gathered up Glacier’s chunks and brought them over to him, moulding them as much as he could to the rest of his body. He realised the pain that Glacier had gone through and knew that his healing process would be prolonged and painful. It was proof enough for him that Glacier was truly sorry for what he had done years ago.

“I’m sorry Glacier,” said Fortune Fountain.

Glacier flinched at the jabs of pain that kept coming at him. He could hardly speak and just managed a look of acknowledgment at Fortune Fountain before he fell into a deep coma. Fortune Fountain continued gathering his chunks and putting Glacier back together again as much as he could. He would have to get Glacier admitted as soon as he could. He remembered how powerful Glacier had been in the olden days and how much of a trusted friend he had been. His betrayal had come as a shock to him. It had hurt all who had known Glacier, especially the king, who now considered him a traitor. Things were different, however, after Fortune Fountain had seen Glacier in action. It was the old Glacier whom he had known all along and Fortune knew what he would tell the king.

Fortune Fountain rushed back to the Wallowing Waterfall to tell the fairies the news. The fairies were fluttering nervously before Wallowing Waterfall, taking cover every time a tremor hit.

“Fairies, Waterfall, Glacier won!” cried Fortune Fountain.

“What? Oh thank goodness!! But… but where is he?” asked Hetitia.

Fortune Fountain looked down and wiped a tear from his eye, “He’s fallen into a coma. He fought bravely and he must get admitted as soon as possible.”

“What happened?” asked Wallowing Waterfall.

“You’re safe Waterfall. Glacier managed to divert the avalanche but in doing so, he had to explode into a hundred chunks. Each one fought with all its might. I saw him with my own eyes from afar. I witnessed how the avalanche had to eventually change its course.”

The fairies looked down sadly.

“Where is the avalanche heading to now?” asked Hetty.

“Down south, an area that it hasn’t been through before. Luckily it’s not inhabited but it would only be a matter of time…”

Fortune Fountain’s voice trailed off. He gathered himself up remembering Glacier and said, “I must tend to Glacier and find a way to get him to hospital at once.”

The fairies nodded and realised that they must get to Petuna as soon as they could. Hetty grabbed Hetitia and fluttered a distance away from Wallowing Waterfall after Fortune Fountain had gone off.

“Listen, Hetitia, I think we must go to Petuna now.”

“Go to Petuna? But our instructions were to meet Petuna here!” said Hetitia.

“I know,” she said in a low voice, careful that Wallowing Waterfall would not hear them, “we don’t have much time. You know how fierce the avalanche is. We must get to her, she needs our power and together we can try to stop this disaster.”

Hetitia fluttered up and down on the spot thinking out loudly, “A million wandering waterfalls.”

Waterfalls popped up in the air and headed towards Wallowing Waterfall who welcomed them with a smile.

“You’re right! But how will we know where she is?” asked Hetitia.

A sudden realisation hit her. It was the liquid compass. Hetty produced it and showed it to her. It was all they needed. Perhaps that was what the Fairy Council had meant. Perhaps they knew that the fairies would find the compass here which would lead them to Petuna or maybe they really were defying the Council’s instructions. Either way, the fairies knew that they had to do something.

“Look,” said Hetty as she turned the liquid compass over slowly in her hands. She cupped it gently as it was frantically changing form because of the tremors that hit every now and then.

On the back of the compass was a watermark. It was their way of finding out the compass’ origin. There were thousands of royal liquid compasses hidden throughout the land and the only way they could keep track of these compasses was through a unique serial watermark that could be found at the back of each one. The watermark was a locator, really. Only authorised persons could decipher what the watermark meant. These were members of the royal family and luckily, the fairies were given that privilege too.

The fairies looked at the watermark closely and found that it was a picture. It was a scene that they had seen many times before. When they moved the compass, the watermark changed to reveal a short riddle. It said:

A million and one dreams can spring to my mind.

The fairies did not need any time to think it through. They knew the answer and that they needed to head towards the Spring of Dreams at once. Hetty slowly turned the liquid compass over and found that it had calmed down a little as the tremors subsided. They had to move fast because they did not want Wallowing Waterfall to see them defying clear instructions. Hetty whispered in Hetitia’s ears.

Hetitia giggled, “A billion wandering waterfalls at that and triple that number!”

It was a good distraction and Hetty was grateful at that moment for Hetitia’s emotional capabilities. Billions of wandering waterfalls headed towards Wallowing Waterfall and jumped in. They created a huge splash and Wallowing Waterfall could hardly keep up with the crowd, welcoming them all warmly. The fairies took the opportunity to flee away before the Waterfall noticed their disappearance.

The End

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