Princess Petuna and the Fifth Dimension

Princess Petuna finds herself swept into an unexpected adventure where she meets Phineas, a daring scientist who has come from another world. He reveals the truth behind the dangers threatening all what her world stands for. Together they must find a way to combat the evils and dangers that lie ahead of them.


Princess Petuna paced up and down the hall. She had concerns running through her head. Her father, King Kornelius, had just told her that he was to leave her for a prolonged period of time. He would be off to meet Cloud Bearer on a grave and urgent matter. It was his tone that worried her. Granted that it would not be the first time that the king would leave her to go on a business trip. It had always been a matter of days and he would return with a gift in hand, usually in the form of a magic snowdrop. She would hop and skip and show it off to her fairies every time and add it to her collection. But this time, it felt different. Her pacing became more frantic.

“My child!”

She looked up and saw the king standing by the window, nature’s light reflecting softly over his kind face. His long white beard gave away his age and the crown on his head adorned with the magic crystals from the Crystal Well spoke of his majesty and power. It was the first time that she looked at him in this light. His round chubby cheeks and almost translucent skin complemented his determined, sparkling amber eyes. He was looking at her intently now, eyebrows knitted as his face jerked in expressions of anxiety. She had not even noticed him walk in.

Petuna suppressed a sigh as she walked over to her father and dropped in his arms, “Father, when will you be back?” Her voice wavered. The king stroked her long brown hair, tilted her head and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Listen to me, snowdrop, one day after I am long gone, you will have the weighty task of ruling this land. You must be strong. Promise me you will be strong, snowdrop.”

Princess Petuna nodded with hesitation, “What is it? Why would Cloud Bearer call for you?” Her father shook his head before she could voice her concerns further.

“There are things that cannot be said – just yet,” his voice lowered to a whisper, “look at me Petuna.” His voice was low but serious. “You will promise me that you will not leave the castle until my return. Promise me.”

He held on to her shoulders as he waited for her to make her promise.

“I promise.”

King Kornelius let out a huge sigh of relief that spoke of responsibility and a degree of concern that he was harbouring. He closed his eyes momentarily, gave his daughter another kiss on the forehead and turned away. Princess Petuna watched him stride out of the room, his cloak following his footsteps in unison, gliding across the marble floor. She looked out of the window and knew that trouble must be brewing.


King Kornelius sat with his head in hand, lost in deep thought. Cloud Bearer’s words kept ringing in his ears, “Danger threatens the land.” What danger could he mean. Cloud Bearer was the royal guardian of all the clouds in the land. He made sure that all the clouds functioned the way they were meant to, giving the land sufficient amount of rain and snow to keep its inhabitants alive. More importantly, he had the task of feeding the Flowing River with enough water for survival. Now danger threatened the land and the king wondered what sort of danger was it that Cloud Bearer meant.

He was concerned about his only daughter, Petuna. She was young and inexperienced. Her mother had died in the last avalanche and his responsibilities had doubled since then. Petuna was known to squander her magic unnecessarily. She was inattentive at her classes and she still had a long way to go in her training on how to use her magic to defend the land. She was also known to be restless and he had to make sure the castle was secure at all times to avoid the threat of intruders. If Storm Blazer ever got to her, that would be the end of the land. King Kornelius sighed and spanned the room until his gaze fell on the Ice Mirror, the gateway to the land of the fairies. He stood up, his eyes unwavering and firmly fixed on the mirror. With steady steps he made his way there until he could see his reflection in the mirror. He could almost see through to the other side. It looked serene and peaceful inside. He closed his eyes and raised his arm until his hands could feel the ice crystals covering the surface. They melted away to his touch and the reflection of his face was no more.

“Your Majesty,” spoke the Ice Mirror with decorum.

Two fairies appeared instantaneously. Hetty and Hetitia kneeled before their king as he made his way back to the throne.

“I am going away on urgent business with Cloud Bearer. It seems that this will be a long trip.” The king looked at them both solemnly, “You must make sure Petuna does not leave this castle. No matter what happens she is not to leave until my return.”

“Of course, Your Majesty,” said Hetty rising from the floor with her wings fluttering ever so slightly until she was hovering above the ground.

“Petuna is easily distracted. You must find a way to occupy her. She must start her training right away.”

“Leave it to us! Why by the magic in the Crystal Well, Your Majesty!” said Hetitia as she hopped off the floor with a smile. Her wings fluttered in excitement as she swooped off the floor in one swift quick motion that seemed like something out of a dream.

Next day 

Princess Petuna sat in her room making water circles in the air with her fingers. The king had left this morning and she had tried to do her reading like her fairies had asked her to. She was bored again. She wanted some action for a change.

 “Wandering Waterfalls!! Petuna, look at you! You’ve filled the room with water bubbles again!” Hetitia had just come in to check on Petuna. The startled princess lost her focus and the water circles she had been drawing in the air suddenly burst into tens of water balloons.

 “Oh this will never do,” said Hetty as she cleaned up the water with a wave of her hand.

 “These castle walls are intolerable! Can’t I just go out in the garden for a little while? You can come with me. I promise not to stay out long,” said Petuna.  Hetitia flew about the room in a mad rush, her wings creating more water bubbles than Petuna could count.

“Oh oh! A million wandering waterfalls at that,” cried Hetitia, her motions erratic as a million miniature waterfalls appeared randomly in the air and started wandering around the room.

 “Petuna, now don’t get Hetitia started again. You know she’s magically emotional,” said Hetty, “You know you can’t go out at all. Besides, I have some good news for you. We’re going to start your training.”

Hetitia fanned herself with her hands. As she calmed down, she slowly found herself on the floor again.

 “But I won’t be out of the castle grounds at all, it’s only out in the garden,” Petuna paced around the room.

Hetty’s arms were folded and a stern expression masked her face, “Absolutely not young lady!”

Hetitia’s wings started fluttering again in agitation, “No way and not for any isolated icicle at that!”  Hetitia blinked momentarily and a solitaire icicle floated across the room in midair before Hetty whiled it away with her hand. 

 “Perhaps I should start on your first lesson then,” Petuna slumped in a nearby armchair.

Princess Petuna’s magical powers were known to be at their maximum when her fairies were in her hair. Hetty and Hetitia had done just that to prepare her for her training in magical combat. They dragged her into the training hall as she yielded to their moves. Very soon, Petuna was standing in the middle of a huge hall with different sculptures scattered in various locations.

“Pay attention, young lady, today you’ll be learning how to channel your powers to distract any one of these evil water-wrestlers.”

Petuna frowned, “A water-wrestler!” She had only ever heard the term but had never actually seen one in form.  Petuna walked casually among the inanimate models before her, eyeing each one with interest.

Hetty edged towards Petuna, “They are evil. They have turned against the king and all they want is to steal your powers and take over the land. You must know your enemy well, do you understand?”

Petuna nodded at her without taking her eyes off of a sculpture she was staring at. It felt like it was looking back at her, penetrating even with its eyes. She gulped down the words and turned her attention back to her fairies.

“Now before you learn how to channel your powers, you must learn to recognise these, these evil water-wrestlers,” Hetty paused for a moment as she looked down to the ground then flicked her eyes up at Petuna, “and the most evil of them all is Storm Blazer.”

 “Oh oh yes he is!” fluttered Hetitia above their heads. “You must focus now, Petuna or by a million wandering waterfalls, if he ever catches you, we’ll all be doomed!”

 Petuna sat on a plush stool and watched Hetitia circle in the air above them. Hands in her lap and with the utmost of poise she realised the responsibility that was being placed on her. The fairies settled down across from her, hovering lightly above the floor. They started teaching her all about the dangerous Storm Blazer and his tricks. Petuna listened with interest.

 “He disguises himself as a small current or kink in any waterway. You must train your eyes to look for the details. Most importantly, you must train your senses to detect any imbalance in harmony. Anything that is irregular about the flow of any waterway can signal the presence of Storm Blazer. He always aims to unsettle the flow of things and that's when he sends water droplets in frenzy until they turn into a mighty storm.”

 “Is that why he’s called Storm Blazer?”

 “Oh oh yes that is, Petuna, he’s so evil and doesn’t settle until he drives all the water droplets in the waterway he possesses insane. I can recall many a water droplet that had to be banished from this land, the Land of the Flowing River, because the whole condition was contagious. You just can’t have one droplet giving another droplet all manners of chaos oh no oh wandering waterfalls!!!”

Petuna giggled to herself as she watched Hetty try to stop Hetitia in time before she was about to go into another emotional fit. Hetitia settled down again close to the ground and Hetty continued, “Hetitia is quite right. Storm Blazer unsettles water droplets in such a way that he leaves them distraught. That’s what storms are all about, millions of water droplets gone mad. When things get so bad, nothing can bring things to order again other than a big freeze. If the droplet can’t be separated from the storm and frozen it has to be banished from this land until it can find its way again into another form of waterway.”

Hetty fluttered across the room and drew a big screen in the air. She started explaining all the different forms of water that existed in the land and showed her the disguises that Storm Blazer usually adopted. It was important that Petuna learnt how to recognise him while he was still in disguise because that was when his power over the water droplets would start to grow until a storm would start. By then it would be too late to stop him. Petuna listened intently and spent the rest of the day mastering the skills she had learnt from her fairies. Little did she know that she would need these skills sooner than anyone realised.

The End

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