Not AgainMature

Arranging Azril's wedding pulled at me. I mean I'd been with Alaric longer than her and yet here she was getting married.

I press the button of the elevator having finished for the day. We'd been through dresses only because as we looked more there seemed to be incredible ones showing occasionally.

Even though Azril was still fixed on the first one she liked. The elevator pings open and I look up then jump. Alaric's leaning against the wall of the elevator lazily.

"How long have you been standing there?" I ask raising an eyebrow. Alaric shrugs smiling lazily.

"A few minutes" he says. I gulp then step into the elevator. I fold my arms across my chest and lean back against the wall.

"Thank you anyway" I whisper. Alaric moves up to lean towards me hands resting either side of my head.

"Uh huh" Alaric whispers trailing his lips across mine. I have to really hold back to stop myself from wrapping my arms round his neck and pressing my lips hard to his.

He bites my bottom tugging it slightly and he presses his body closer to mine. I find my breathing coming out heavier. "Don't Alaric..... we can't do it again" I gasp.

"Well I would quite enjoy it" Alaric whispers passing his lips on my neck making me shiver.

"Thought you would be worried about me being pregnant"

"Well like you said you're not that pregnant" And with those words I give in. Damn we caused a racket.

The End

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