In townMature

We walk silently through the city. "Hey"

I turn to look where the voice came from. I see Sam and wince. It was him who called me over.

'Don't' I send mentally. He nods. "Do you know him?" Alaric whispers. I shake my head and we continue back to the penthouse.


"Bye" I yell running out not waiting for Alaric to tell me to stay. I'm not that pregnant. I go to Azril's and knock on her door.

'Go on your own' She sends. I chuckle and take the stairs then freeze at the bottom. Sam stands at the edge of the road. Waiting.

I walk up to him and he looks up being aware of my presence. "Hey.... I need to ask you a question" He says straightening up.

'If this is about Vampires we better move off' I send by thoughts.

"Yeah, okay" We begin to walk.

"We're safe" I whisper. Looking round and listening.

"My father was taken by vampires..... but not for food. I need you to find him for me" he whispers.

"He'll be turned" I say simply.

"No.... they needed him living" Sam says. He looks terrible. "Help me please" He looks up at me pleading.

The End

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