I don't know what to do. I feel slightly trapped. I finish up my food. "You okay?" Alaric asks sliding his hand into mine. I grip it.

He smiles and I can't smile back. It doesn't feel right at the moment. Alaric sighs and gets up moving round to help me up.

I get up normally. "I'm not that pregnant" I whisper angrily. Alaric laughs as does the bodyguards far off which are the only other people close that can hear.

Alaric wraps an arm round my shoulder and we leave the restaurant into warm sun setting light.

I tilt my head up and let the sunlight soak my skin. Its warm. I look across at Alaric and he smiles.

It hurts to look at him. "Alaric...... Are you happy now?" I ask. He turns to look at me confused.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"Well, You've got everything you've set out for almost.... I'm the vampire princess and pregnant with your child. Last thing is marriage" I mutter looking at the floor.

He tilts up my face then leans down to kiss me. "I am not forcing anything on you" he says kissing my lips lightly. "I only want you too love me the way I love you"

The End

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