Whats going on?Mature

"Go after her Eric" I tell him. He nods then turns and leaves.

"Am I missing something?" Alaric says watching Eric go then raising an eyebrow at me.

"Let him have a chance with her" I say sitting up. My back aches from lying on so many pillows. "I don't need that many you know" I point at the pillows.

I get up and stretch as I move normally to the kitchen. Alaric beats me there. "We can still go out to eat but.... I would have to get another guard for Eric's place then another for safety" Alaric says.

I sigh. Dena walks into the room. "That news was so unexpected" She sings happily pulling me into a hug. I hug her back but don't feel it.

I really hope Eric can help Azril. I turn back to Alaric. "I do think we should go to have something to eat" I say nodding.

He nods back then looks at Dena. "Get Elizes and George to stand in as bodyguards" he tells Dena.

"Where's Eric?" She asks.

"With Azril" I say frowning again. I look across at her and she nods then moves out of the room. I turn to look back at Alaric to find him closer than before. I jump.

Even though I have vampire hearing Alaric is way too quiet to hear. He pulls me into a hug and kisses the top of my head. "Like a normal couple again, yeah?" He whispers leaning back to look at my face while stroking back a strand of my hair.

"Yeah.... with a baby" I say and bury myself into his body.

The End

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