Peaceful.... then notMature

"Liana?" Alaric calls. He comes out to the balcony and sighs with relief. I'm perched on the bar of the glass wall of the balcony. "That's dangerous"

"So" I say smiling back at him. Alaric laughs then joins me sitting on the bar. "Where you want to go out?"

"Hmm, I don't know" I say swinging my legs out. Alaric's moves closer to me and puts his lips on my neck.

"How about I treat you to a day of excitement? Food, Film and then party" He says seductively.

I lean back and turn my head to look at him. I bite my bottom lip and smile. "I would love to" I say.

He smiles then jumps back onto the balcony. I follow and he takes my hand. We run at vampire speed through the apartment and into the elevator. He pushes me up to the wall and kisses me once the door closes.

"My Car or Motorbike?" He whispers passing his lips along my jaw.

"Motorbike" I whisper then tilt his neck. I bite into it and Alaric bites into mine our thoughts mingling.

Then..... "Oh fucking shit" Alaric swears pulling away. I know what he saw.... or felt because I felt it too.

"I.... I can't be"

But its true..... with the connection a truth neither of us knew became real. I put my hands to my stomach.

"I'm pregnant" I whisper.

"We need to call the guards to watch us" Alaric says pulling out his mobile and dialing Eric's number.

Sorry, Azril.

The End

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