Sleepless MorningMature

I woke up..... to comfortable. I sat up and looked around. "Alaric..." I whisper confused. The door opens and he strides in with a tray. I stare at it for a few seconds as he place it on my lap.

"Breakfast in bed" he says sitting down on the bed next to me. I shake my head smiling. "I didn't make it and its more *Cough* Lunch"

"What?!?" I say suddenly. I turn and grab the clock from the side staring at the numbers shocked. Then I blush. Bright red. I know I couldn't have slept longer than an hours.

"It was amazing" Alaric whispers, trailing his hands over my body while talking into my neck. His cold breath soft against my skin.

I find my eyes closing then a small moan as Alaric pulls back. "I cant take more.... I took the most from you last night"

"I know... my heads no longer pounding from that guys blood" I say rolling my neck to losen the muscles. Alaric winces and I put a hand on his cheek. "We all have to hunt..... I did that is a slight pissed of and scared mood anyway"

I jump up, Alaric moving the trap of my lap in lightning speed to the side table, and grab up a nightgown to cover my body. I look around. "We're in my room again" Alaric says leaning slightly back on the bed.

"Um..... please say no one saw me when you brought me from the elevator" I mutter.

"They didn't see you.... They probably saw are clothes up hear and people two floors down would have deffinetly heard us" Alaric says shrugging and folding his arms back behind his head.

"Oh crap" I whisper. I look at the Lunch and sigh. "I am so not ready to leave this room"

Alaric's across the room in a second. "What do you want to do then?" He whisper trailing his lips across my face.

I gulp. "I want to go out" I say. I move away. "I'll get dressed and you two and we'll meet in the living room"

Alaric sighs then smiles looking me up and down. "How about you moving in here now?" He says.

I bite my lower lip. "I need some boundaries still" I mutter blushing. Alaric laughs as I close the door. I move across the hall and in to my room to get dressed.

The End

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