My OwnMature

I wake up dizzy with to much blood. I am never doing that.... AGAIN. I'm sorry. It's way too much blood. Unlike any other vampire before me, or probably everyone after me, I only have to drink human blood once a month.

It hurts my head if I drink to much. I walk out the apartment. I freeze in the door then slowly smile.

"Way to go Eric" I call back.

"Shut it" Both he and Azril call back. I laugh walking out. I turn round to close the door then turn back and..... "What the hell?!?" I shout.

Alaric is leant against the elevator. "Why did you do that?" Alaric says looking hurt.

"I need to feed" I whisper. He hits the elevator angry.

"You don't have to almost sleep with a guy for it" Alaric rages. I freeze then slowly realise what he's on about.

"I wouldn't sleep with them" I whisper then try to get past him. He moves lightning quick, pressing my body up against the elevator my top riding up. His hands travel over my body.

I pull away turning my head and he kisses my neck not biting. "Alaric.... this isn't the place" I moan. His hands rubbing between my legs.

"I think its perfect. Get in the elevator and lock it up" He whispers. "Dangerous"  The elevator opens and he pulls me in.

The elevators doors call. I hear a click and the lights flicker off. "You were planing this as one way" I whisper.

"Of corse. Its wild and thats something that will keep the memory alive" Then with those words we both give in to the feeling.

The End

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