Hunting outMature

Sam off my mind I step in to the club with Azril leading me by the elbow. The lights are flashing wildly and the sound of the music is pounding in my ears. I tone it down and just to the edge of my hearing.

"This way" Azril says smiling. I look in the direction she pulls me. And gulp. Two hot guys chilling and I can see they are already watching me and Azril.

My face feels heavy with make up. "You can wear less next time" Azril sighs and I realise I projected it at her. "Hey guys" She says smiling seductively as we come to stand in front of the two guys.

One tanned skinned with blondish brown hair with brown eyes. Then the other like.... lets says pale skinned Barbie Ken (Yuck!). Azril walks towards the Ken guy and trails a finger downs his cheek.

"Are you here with anyone?" She asks influencing him to answer.

"No" Ken whispers. "My friends girlfriend just dumped him" The mate looks at the Ken guy shocked but I catch his eye before he can even think.

"That's so bad. Who would dump such a cute guy like you?" I say influencing him. His eyes go hazey. "What's your name?"

"Tim" The man whispers, slightly gasping. "My friends Kevin" Dammit, the names so close to Ken I have to force myself not to laugh.

I look across as Azril but I see she's already leading Kevin out of the club. His arms round her waist close to her..... well, I got to get use to it.

"You want to come to" I say to Tim. He nods a wide smile appearing on his face. I lead him out of the club after Azril.

We catch up with her. "Can I take him to yours?" I ask nervously.

"Sure" She says smiling. "I have a couch" I burst out laughing and Azril calls up a cab to get us back to her place.

The End

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