"You're a vampire don't deny it" Sam whispered.

Maybe she should have forced laughter and joked it off but she couldn't. "What are you talking about?" She finally gasped. But of course it wasn't convincing.

He raised an eyebrow. "You know what I'm talking about?" He turned and walked away slightly then turned back to face me.

"If you thought I was a vampire you wouldn't turn your back to me" I mutter. Sam looked confused.

"Its strange though..... With you even though I know you're a vampire. You seem trustable" Sam whispers. He shakes his head and I know he thinks he's acting weird.

He is for being human. Human's are meant to be scared of their preadtors just like any other living creature.

"I need to go.." I head away.

"Wait!" Sam demands he chases me grabbing my wrist. I spin kneeing him in the stomach.

"Keep quiet" I whisper to him. "I'm saving your life"

"What do you mean?" he chokes out.

"If they know you know...... they'll ever kill you or........ turn you" I look away then take off back down the corridor to where I meet Azril.

"Are you okay?" she asks seeing the threat of my tears. One spills and she quickly drags me into the girls bathroom and gets tissue.

"What happen?" She asks. "I won't tell anyone"

And I know then that she won't.

The End

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