Class is tenseMature

"Sooo" I say to Azril as we set up for art. "I was wondering.... would you show me the places round town tonight. You know"

To Feed, I send to her mind. She smirks at me and flicks her hair. "Of course. Can't stay out too late though" She says.

I nod just before the teacher comes in. "Get painting class" She calls. I pick up a brush and start adding the secound layer of lighter colour of paint.

I feel eyes on the back of my face and I feel my face getting angry. I turn to glare at Sam then freeze seeing him looking at me confused. I raise an eyebrow and he looks away.

I sigh turning back to the canvas. "Don't worry about him" Azril says. She picks up her canvas having finished it and takes it to the rack where she leaves it. She fetches a new one and brings it back.

"Wow" I say raising an eyebrow. "Fast much" I joke. Azril laughs then begins painting I soon realise what it is. "You really like him don't you"

Azril blushes then continues with the basic sketch of Eric's face. "Yeah" she whisper. I smile. Then finish off my design.

"This needs to dry before I continue" I mutter.

"Sketch pads in the cupboard" she says. I nod and go and fetch one. I come back and sit down on my seat. I place the pad in my lap and begin to sketch my memory of that summers field where I used to spend time with my cousin when he came down for the holidays.

The place where I was also turned.

The End

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