School ShockMature

As we walk into the school I feel the shock of everyone. They stare at Azril silently. I look at her and see her smiling at the boys. They seem shocked but still falling for her.

I keep silent walking next to her. That's when I see Sam. "Be right back" I whisper to Azril. I walk over to Sam.

"Hey" I say happily. He looks at me his eyes narrowed. It hits a nerve and I pout glaring back angrily. "What is your problem with me? Have I done something wrong?" I snap.

He winces looking at me shocked. Then he clenches is teeth. "Its what you are..... and don't deny it"

"You don't know anything about me" I snap then turn on my heels heading off. He seems shocked. Probably cause I'm not defending what I am but who I am.

I search for Azril. I find her round back. She's pressed up against a shed wall and its not the fact that her top has creased up..... its who is kissing her.

"Eric" I gasp shocked. He pulls away from Azril turning to look at me. His eyes widen in shock but he still holds Azril in his arms.

"Liana...... I...." He stutters.

"Well, this is unexpected" I say my eyes going wide.

"Please don't tell his highness" Eric says worried. I look at Azril seeing the sight flushed look on her pale face.

"I won't" I say. "Even though Azril has been told bodyguards are off limits..... I'll let this and any other thing that happens between you two slide"

The End

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