Sorry I'm LateMature

I run down the stairs at vampire speed pulling my hair back into a ponytail. I reach the ground and slow to normal speed. I see Azril ahead as I get out.

"Azril!" I shout running (Human speed) up to her. I'm shocked to see her outfit my eyes widening. "Wow" I say simply. She raises her eyebrow at me. "This is amasing"

I gesture her outfit and she shrugs. "People think Vamps are gothic I'm just doing it" She says heading off.

I feel somewhat cast off and run after her. "Sorry I was late to meet you.... I only just caught you here.... I was..... Errrr, bizzy" I say smiling at her slightly.

"Its okay its not like we're friends or anything" she says simply flicking her hair.

"What?" I say confused. "I was hoping we were. I mean you see me not my title" She looks at me like she's assesing me. I don't know what to do and fidget.

"If thats what you want but don't expect to much" She says stopping to turn to look at me.

"I don't expect anything of anyone..... I just need someone who just see's me" I say smiling.

Azril nods and we begin walking again. We head for the school which is ten minutes away. "So what were you doing?" Azril asks.

I remain silent keeping my mind blocked as well.

The End

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