Touch of HeartMature

I wake and shift uncomfortable. I hear a mumble from next to me and freeze. Oh no.....

I jump up and out of the bed breathing heavily. Alaric wakes and props up on his arms looking at me. I grab my clothing from the floor then scoff when I realise its scrapped.

"Liana" Alaric whispers. I turn to face him and feel totally ashamed about what I did. I shake my head and feel a tear spill.

I suddenly in Alaric's arms. He pulls me to the bed and sit down wiping the tear from my cheek. "Don't cry" he whispers.

I know I shouldn't I mean...... I should be happy right? Its not as if I don't love him. Its not as if.... I lost my virginity to a totally stranger.

"I.... I don't know how to feel" I whisper looking down slightly ashamed. Alaric looks hurt.

"Didn't last night mean anything to you" Alaric whispers. I look at him.

"Its not that" I whisper. "I'm trying to work out who I am now..... this is just making it harder" I gesture me and him.

Alaric sighs then pulls me into a hug then falls back onto the bed pulling me with him. I look over him at the clock. "I.... I should be getting dressed for school. Azril will be waiting"

"She can wait longer" Alaric whispers trailing a finger over my lips. "I'm going to make use of this moment as much as possible"

Then we begin from where we had finished last night. 

The End

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