Knock KnockMature

Knock, Knock.

"Go Away" I moan into my pillow knowing whoever it is will hear. But of course they don't listen. Eric and Dena step into the room hands clasp together in front of them.

"It's time for dinner, Liana" Dena says. I look up at them and I know not only is my face stained but also the pillow. Of course its with blood which is the only way vampires cry.

"Oh Liana" Dena whispers. I continue to sniffel but wipe the blood from my cheeks and eyes. Licking it off my hands.

"I will be right there" I whisper. Both Dena and Eric nod sollumly and move out. I stand up and move to my wardrobe. I change into a short black dress. At the hip it goes out, sort of like a summers dress.

I step out of my room and head for the dining room. When I past Alaric's room the door opens. He pulls me in and presses my back up against the door, closing and locking it.

"Why do you always cry?" he demands. I feel slightly scared and look down to avoid his gaze. He takes my chin in a tight grip and tilts my head up so I have to look in his eyes.

"Tell me Liana" He whispers his face slightly angry and serious. I feel tears threatening to rise but stop them.

He has a right to know. "I.... I don't want to give in. Give in to something I've tried to avoid for so long..... Something that has never been in my life before" I whisper. Closing my eyes and turning my head slightly away.

"Liana" Alaric whispers then he softly presses his lips on mine. Then he begins to give me quick little kisses and travels down to my neck. He bites and I gasp.

"You don't have to be scared..... I'm not" he whisper telepathically.

"But its happened to you before" I send back. I hear mental laughter.

"I didn't mess with my food that much" he jokes pulling back. Its at that moment my defences break.

The End

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