"I'll see you then Azril" I say waving to her as she steps off the lift.

"See you at school tommorow" I say waving. I feel very scared her getting out knowing as soon as the door's close I'll be alone with Alaric.... in an elevator.

I still remember the last time when I was human.... *gulp*. Azril waves and then turns to the door of the apartment. The Elevator closes and Alaric stands up straight and moves up to wrap his arms from behind me.

"You remember last time" he whisper in my ear.

"I regret last time" I snap trying to pull away but he tightens his arms around me. I'm starting to feel strange and my heart is racing quickly.

"Don't fight me, Liana...... Don't fight us" He whispers against my cheek. He spins me round and pulls me to his chest.

I lift my head up to see his golden eyes blazing. Then he leans down and kisses my lips. I get lost in the moment wrapping my arms round his neck then he kisses down my jaw to my neck where he lingers.

He begins to pull back but I push it back to my neck. "Liana?" He whispers shocked. I put my own mouth to his neck and bite. He groans before biting me himself.

I'm then sucked into the void..... pulled into the link between our two minds. "Liana" I hear the thought so clearly its as if we are talking.

Its then that the elevator door opens to the penthouse where two guards are standing. I yank away from Alaric my neck getting cut slightly but healing right up.

My back comes against the wall of the elevator. "Liana...." Alaric whispers his fangs still out and slightly blood stained. His golden eyes look hungry.... but not for blood.

I shake my head feeling tears spill down my cheek. I race out of the elevator and through the door which has already been open for me.

I go through the apartment. Past Eric annd Dena waiting in the living room and to my room where I slam the door shut.

Alaric wishes for me to share a room with him but now that's happened. Its put me more off....... Well, actually I'm scared that if I do I wont remain..... a virgin.

Uh, god. I'm 16 years old body wise and lived 18 years 'with' a partner yet I have kept my virginity.

I fall on to my bed and curl up hoping for silence.

The End

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