Hate being RoyaltyMature

"You wanted to be the Princess didn't you?" I say to Azril as we come out of school. She shrugs.

"Doesn't everyone" She says smiling.

"Not me" I say gripping the book I'm holding tight to my chest. Azril looks at me with confusion.

"So where you staying?" Azril asks. I look up seeing the top of the building.

"The penthouse at the top of that hotel" I say pointing at it. Just the top seen above the close houses we have to look over.

"Wow, the top. Sweet. I'm the level below" she says winking at me. I smile and we begin on our walk just as we turn the corner I freeze.

Leant against the wall is Alaric. On the road is his volvo C70 in black. I shake my head and he looks up flashing a bright smile.

"Thats-" Azril whispers not able to finish her sentence.

"Don't flatter him" I say flicking back my hair. Alaric smiles and stands up straight. Then he's directly in front of me trailing his lips along my jaw line.

"Don't say you're all tense again?" He whispers. I bring my hand forward for a punch but he steps back avoiding it easily. He sighs. "Why do you always try that?"

"Cause I hate you" I say looking at his car. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"Come to pick up my girl from my school. I can take your friend as well" Alaric says looking at Azril.

"That would be great" She says turning to look at me she winks. I sigh and follow both of them to the car. I get in the front with Alaric, Azril is in the back.

"This is cool" Azril says sitting in the back folding her legs.

"This is so not cool" I say looking at her. She shakes her head smiling and I can't help but smile myself.

The End

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