I pull out my bottle the liquid hidden by the metal its contained in. I'm sat with Azril whose kissing a boy on the neck and I know what she's tempted to do. I cough.

She looks up and shrugs. I shake my head and look down at the pasta I got from the counter. There's something odd about it.... I lean down and sniff it. I pull back cringing.

A Herb that I know is distasteful to vampires..... and block Influencing. I smile and look over to the left to see Sam watching me.

"Whats the matter Liana?" Azril asks.

"Nothing" I say shaking my head then scooping up some pasta I shove it into my mouth fighting the shiver that races up my spine.

"That has...." Azril stares at the food in amazement recognising the herb. She looks across at Sam just like I did but she curses. Then she looks back at me pulling out her own bottle.

"How can you eat that?" she whispers. Then takes a deep swig keeping the red liquid of her lips..... the blood.

"Simple, I don't want him to know what I am" I say shrugging. The boy Azril had been occupying is slowly coming out of his daze.

Azril notices and looks at him.  She strokes his cheek. "You may go" She whispers.

The boy nods getting up and moving off. "So you were going to say?" she whispers quietly only loud enough for vampire ears.

I reply in the same voice. "Don't judge me about it but.... my partner is the Prince of Darkness"

She gawks. "But that would make you...." She looks down at the herb. "That's why you can eat it"

I nod smiling.

The End

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