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"You cheated" Azril laughs taking her book seeing I just passed my hand over the paper the words appearing on the paper themselves as I think them.

"Yeah.... what you think of shakespear?" I ask as we pack up our stuff. "My partner met him"

Then I realise my mistake. "Yeah, he must be almost as old as the Prince of Darkness then. I can't believe he's the oldest vampire" Azril says shaking her head. Of course she's speaking so quietly only I can hear.

"What have we got now?? Well, I have Spanish" I say looking at my timetable.

"Ahh! French but its seems are classes are next to each other. So I can meet you after for lunch" Azril says flashing a smile. I spot Sam pull his rucksack on to his back and he looks across at me. I follow him with my eyes until he has left the room.

Then I give out a large sigh. "Don't bother with him. He's not that worth it" Azril says.

I shake my head. "I need a challange to get my head off-" I stop myself snapping my mouth shut and packing the last of my stuff up.

"Head off who?" Azril says. "You can tell me"

I know she's probbing. "Stay out of my head" I shake my head smiling but holding back the laughter. The cheek of trying to search my mind even though she doesn't know who I am.

"Okay" She says holding her hands up. Then we head for our last class before lunch.

The End

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