My LifeMature

"Hey, Liana" I look up and I'm immediatly tense.

"So, I'm not the only one" I say calmly. The girl Vampire smiles. Then holds out her hand.

"The names Azril" she says smiling. I take it in a shake.

"You already know my name" I say shrugging then picking up my canvas I move it to the part of the room I'm meant to.

"Can I see?" Azril says. I know I'm hiding the view of it and thats cause I'm embarassed.

"Um.." I mumble pressing my lips together.

"Come on" She says. I sigh and put it with the others stepping back. Azril gasps as does the teacher who came up behind me hoping I wouldn't notice.

Well I did nosey, I hiss in my head wanting to project it. But I know I can't do that, Alaric would be furious.

"Who taught you to paint?" Azril whispers. I blush remembering the time just before I became the Princess of the Darkness that Alaric spent teaching me to paint as he had supposedly taught many famous artists to do so.

"We're gonna be late" I turn and head for the door. Azril races after me her hips swinging as we walk down the hallway. I hear some wolf whistles and quite a few are directed at me.

I should keep my head low... I mean I'm taken. Oh god who cares? Alaric plays with his food..... well he did when I was human. I don't think he does any more. That's because of me.

Even though I haven't fallen to his will like he expected when I became a Vampire. He expected me to love him more when I actually was pissed at him after it. So 2 years on things that were expected haven't happened.

1) Me marrying Alaric
2) Having a True Vampire child with Alaric (Its not true vamps can't have children)
3) Have become as powerful as a 400 year old vampire.

I never had done things expected. I mean it took Alaric..... a whole year before I fell for him.

"What lesson do you have?" Azril asks.

"English" I say looking across at her. "Room 232"

"We're in the same room" She says smiling. "Oh... at lunch can we talk about your aura?" She says it quietly.

I nod. "Of course but you might be shocked"

The End

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