Mystery Boy???Mature

"Oh, you must be Liana. Pick a seat we were just about to start" The teacher says slightly gawking.

I turn to look at the class and see boys..... and girls sit up tall. I move and take a seat  at the back. Then something catches my eye across the room. A boy staring at me so intently.

"My name Olivia" I turn to look at the girl I sat next to. She's quite adverage but from what I can see in her mind she's a very caring person.

"Liana" I say shaking her hand. "Whose that boy in the corner?"

I gesture to the boy whose just finally looked away from me. "Oh, That's Sam. He doesn't talked to girls much but he is polite. I wouldn't go for him nearly every girl is" Olivia says. Although she's gazing at him like he's the best person in the world.

"Uh... okay then" I mutter. I wait till registrations finished and the bell goes. Then I quickly make my way out of the room. I take the stairs up to the last level and find the art room which has a glass roof.... *gasp*.

Anyway about two seconds later the boy, Sam, walks in. I smile slightly and follow him to his easel. "Hey can I take this one next to you?" I ask.

"I'd prefer if you didn't" he mutters. I wince, ouch that stung. I catch his eyes trying to influence him but.... WACK!

I stumble back slightly from hitting the blank wall. "Are you okay?" he asks but his eyes are narrowed. Its then I see the ring on his finger.

"I'll go somewhere else then" I say and turn off.

The End

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