Princess of DarknessMature

The Princess of Darkness, Liana gets bored of her over dramatic vampire life. She's expected to fall to the will of the Prince of Darkness, Her partner.
But then she bumps into someone at school. A boy full of mystery's that has one secret that will change Liana's life.

"Liana, do you have to do this?" Eric says following me just like my other bodyguard Dena.

"I'm not spending the whole day at that..... place. Just to have to move around to avoid him" I hiss.

"Why do you have to avoid him Liana? He's your partner.... your Prince-"

"Do not say that again Eric" I hiss shooting a look at him my eyes flashing golden from their normal light blue. He backs away scared. I sigh calming down. I let my eyes settle.... and my fangs retreat.

"You really need to control that temper" Dena says looking at me worried. "You also need to except the fact that. One, you will be with Alaric for ever and Two, Him being your prince and partner just pulls you towards him more then just emotionally"

I look at Dena and she shrugs. I sigh because I know she's right. I know that I do love Alaric, My Prince of Darkness. The Prince of Darkness.

"I need to do something normal for a change" I mutter. Then without giving them chances to speak or for me to have second thoughts I run inside the school.

"How may I help you?" The reception lady asks. I look around the building. I've only been around two years longer than my bodies age yet I do know that I have seen better buildings then this. I turn to the reception lady.

"Yeah, I'm new" I say smiling and she looks dazeld. "My name's Liana Eve"

Then the reception lady takes off she gathers together several sheets from the backroom instructing time table, map, money I have to pay to do food and then for design tech and textiles.

I'm slightly overwelmed by it my senses on overload. "Thanks" I gasp finally and turn to walk off to my form room which is...... 213. I think that means secound floor.

I take the stairs up and I'm shocked to discover there is four floors all together including the ground floor.

I get to my form room and walk in. "Sorry I'm late" I say adding a gasp to my voice.

The End

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