She's a gryphon rider adept with a sword.

 Alena shows you her pet gryphon, who is also wearing padding, and reveals that she is quite adept at wielding a katana. With that being said, you agree to have her as part of your team; now we got two teenage girls and two flying steeds, all wearing diapers. You hear kids shouting about a monster attack in the village. After checking outside, you see no monsters, but you notice one of the kids doesn't appear to be human. You point an arrow at the goblin disguised as kid and ask him where the other villagers are located. The goblin tells you that they are located in the Valley of Death. Alena tells you that place is dangerous and that no one has ever walked out alive. Which gives you an idea that the goblin may be trying to trick you. And thankfully, you have a magical truth arrow ready.

The End

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