You stop at a mysterious village.

 You continue travelling, seeking a place to rest for the night, and find a lonely village. When you arrive, you notice all the villagers who come to greet you are all children. They all point and laugh at you, but then they stop when Konan glares at them. At that moment, a teenage girl with blond hair and a clean diaper on hand appears looking rather frightened. You hop off your dragon and introduce yourself peacefully. The girl says to you, "I am Alena, the village elder." You are surprised that his adolescent called herself elder and she invites you to come to her house to talk about it.

 Before you talk more about the village, she helps you get changed out of your soggy diaper and into a fresh one. She also hugs you and goes outside real quick to change Konan. She comes back giggling, because the garbage boy is not going to be too happy about the "stink bomb your dragon made." You tell Alena who you are and about your journey to find your lost Mummy. She feels sorry for your disappearance, despite the fact that she grew up without parent as she responds about the village's curse. She mentions that all older kids grown ups in the village are taken to a factory run by goblins and forced to regress into big babies starting with making them become incontinent. You noticed that Alena was dressed the same way you are, in just a shirt and diaper, when you first arrived here.  She informs you that she found a way to escape before they mental regression and physical vulnerability treatments, but not before loosing her potty training.

After hearing this story, you rest for the night and wake up wet again. Alena thankfully changes your diaper again and embraces you once more.  After helping you out, Alena asks you if she may accompany you. You do want to help her break the curse, and you do need a caretakers love, but you are unsure if she has any combat skills, and wonder if it is too dangerous for her. What are Alena's current skills and arts?

The End

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