He challenges you to hand to hand combat duel.

 Takashin places his sword on the side, "If you prove to me a decent fighter in hand to hand combat, I'll shall eat my own words." He says, "You don't have the guts to challenge me, do you?" Then you start to get confident, you are on. Surprised by your sudden courage, Takashin shrugs, "Don't expect me to hold back just because you're a girl."

 At the start of the fight, you both use your fists for combat boxing style. Takashin appears to be too much for you do to the upper arm strength gap; he lands a solid punch in your tummy causing you to wet your diaper again even further. You also cry in pain on the ground. "Hahaha, had enough you wee wee baby girl?" At that moment, you get your strength back quickly and start countering his hands with your feet. You have even the odds, and maybe even received a slight advantage. Your strength, speed, and skill seem to improve as the sparring match goes on, and you eventually turn the tables knocking him on the ground. At that moment, Takashin grabs his sword.

What happens next?

The End

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