He is another unlikely ally.

As you tremble right behind Kagura, the swordsman picks his sword back up and places it back on his back. He also bows and gives you a proper greeting. Kagura kindly greets him back. You shyly wave your hand. The swordsman looks at you with awkwardness in his eyes, but says nothing about you. "I am Takashin, the demon slayer," the swordsman says. "I am Kagura, the wind sorcerous." Still nervous, you introduce yourself, "I am Princess Nozomi." Takashin laughs, "You? The Princess of Yusuke? But you're not even potty trained! Let alone dressed like a noble girl. Don't make me laugh." You feel a tear come out of your eye as the mean man makes fun of you. Kagura holds a tornado in her hand to warn Takashin, and you hug Kagura for comfort. As she comforts you, you feel the padding of your diaper get slightly thicker and a tad warmer. How does Takashin respond?

The End

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