Awww! I'd be glad to help.

 Kagura smiles obviously thinking that's adorable. "Here I'll take care of it" You lie down on the grass as she gets out everything needed for the job; wipes, powder, and of course, a clean diaper. She slides the new diaper underneath your rear, then she untapes your used diaper, wipes you up clean, rolls up the wet diaper, puts in a bag, powders you all up making her sneeze, folds the dry diaper, and tapes it all snug, and fingers in the leak guards. "Thankies," you say with a bright smile. Kagura helps you up and pats your bottom, "Anytime Princess, if you'd like, I could change all your diapers on the road." You lean back down to give Kagura a big crinkly hug. She naturally hugs back thinking you're adorable.

 You both have a feast of wolf meat for dinner and decide to rest for the night. Sleeping on the cold ground without a blanket makes you miss home; where you are used to getting tucked in a pink, princess style crib. But you are glad that you at least had your diaper changed, and Kagura even lets you use her cape as a blanket. It takes a while for you to get comfortable, but eventually, you pass out into a deep sleep.

 The next morning, you are unintentionally woken up by Kagura when she was about to change your diaper. It's no surprise to you that you wet in your sleep, but you are still quite tired. She repeats the process she did to change you as last night. "All done," she says with a smile. "Thankies again." You say as you sit up to hug Kagura. After the diaper change, the two of you pack up to move on and continue your journey. But then, you are confronted by...

The End

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