You are under attacked by wolves.

 Before you could respond, you hear wolves howling. And by loud sound of them, you notice they are by the camp and ready to attack. The surprise causes you to wet your diaper by accident, but you take out your bow and arrow ready to fight. You quickly fire two arrows which kill five wolves total, but then they get closer and you're not sure if you can handle all of them by yourself. But then Kagura finishes the rest of the pack with her powerful wind magic saving your life.

 Kagura offers you her hand, "Are you all right?" She asks. You grab her hand and let her help you stand up. "Yes, but I think I had an accident." The wise sorceress checks you and confirms that you had wet yourself causing you to blush. "You might want to change that diaper." You start to blush deeper, "Well, the thing is, I never actually learned how to change myself." How does Kagura respond?

The End

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