Just stop at the inn for the night.

 You decide the you are tired and simply want to rest for the night. You stop at the inn and waddle over to the front desk where a young woman greets you with a smile. "Hello sweetie, how can I help you this evening?" "I would like to spend the night hear please." The kind receptionist grants hands you the keys and even offers you the room for free. She has one of the maids lead you to your room.

 After you unpack, the maid offers if there is anything else she can help you with. You look down and notice that your diaper is quite wet. "Um, may I have some help getting my diapy changed please?" The maid smiles and happily replies, "Yes, I would most certainty love to help." You lie down on the bed and wait patiently as the maid gets out a clean diaper and necessary changing supplies out. Once she has the items needed, the maid walks up to you and proceeds to take care of you. She slides the new diaper underneath your rear, removes your wet diaper, wipes you up clean, powders you all up, folds the fresh diaper up, and tapes it snuggly around your waist. "There you go cutie, all fresh and clean," she says patting your cute diapered bottom with a smile. "Thankies," you say as you sit up to giver her a big crinkly hug. She smiles hugging you back as you hear an "Awww." She also helps you get tucked in and kisses your forehead good night. You sleep soundly through the night feeling as if you're at home.

 The following morning, you wake up with yet another wet diaper. The maid changes you again and gives you more hugs before you pack up and depart. As you waddle out the door with your diaper crinkling loudly, what happens next?

The End

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