Yes, I could use your help.

 You agree to have the red dragon, Konan, join you on your quest as he will make a powerful ally. But now you really need to find a caretaker to join your group as you're both going to need your diapers changed. With that being said, you climb on his back and let him take you soaring through the skies.

 Along the way, you fly over a horde of goblins who don't appear to be friendly. The pilot some wooden airships and attempt to launch their ballista's at you. Konan flies in barrel roles dodging the large ballista arrows while you hang on tight. You start to flood your diaper to the point wear it is soaked, and you are hoping it doesn't leak. You fire an arrow of light to blind the enemy goblins, and all except two airships crash. Konan flies in a pattern to get the remaining goblins to crash into each other; you notice the goblin pilots falling with their parachutes looking terrified in their wet trousers. You snicker by the fact that they need diapers too.

After that epic battle,  you continue your journey. What happens next?

The End

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