You meet with an old woman (Not Mama)

 Waddling around in the woods, you find a short old woman in black robes camping all by herself. She looks around to see you and asks you to come to her. You approach her and rest your padded bottom on the tree stump across from her. She introduces herself, "My name is Kagura, the wind sorceress. What brings you to these humble woods?" You respond, "I am Nozomi, the Princess of the land. I have embarked on a journey to find my lost mother, the queen."

 Kagura looks at you with interest and is surprised you came all this way on your own. And she's also festinated with you being dressed in just a shirt and diaper. "Oh yes, I have heard about the sudden disappearance of the queen; who knows what has become of her?" She offers to accompany you on your journey after resting for the night. Do you accept?

The End

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