You find a village to rest for the night

 You waddle your way along the path until you find a pleasant village. You see various villagers all having quite mixed reactions to your presence, but they keep your mouths shut not wanting to bother you. You decide to rest here for the night as you got a long journey ahead of you.

 Your diaper crinkles loudly as you waddle around town looking for some helpful stops. You notice an inn to simply sleep for the night, but you consider searching for other spot before you do so. Among other places, you find an armory, a PUB, and a medical supply store. You double check your bag and find that you still have plenty of diapers and changing supplies, so not need for a pharmacy.

You could use some information from other travelers, but the PUB tends to have some pretty nasty attitudes to woman, children, and unusual entities. Which makes you worry quite a bit. You also wonder if a good weapon is available at the armory, or if a valuable ally may be there. What do you decide to do?

The End

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