Nozomi Embarks

Fantasy ABDL story starring yours truly, Princess Nozomi. You are a 15 year old angel princess with green hair and urinary incontinence. Your mother has gone missing, and you set off to find her. There may be difficult trials that await you, but you have your diapers to protect from any accidents. And your skills with a bow are nothing to laugh at either.

 You wake up in the morning like any other day; your diaper is wet, and one of the maids changes you into a fresh one. You meet with your father the king who informs you that your mother has vanished. Although you have great fear on this journey, you are determined to find her no matter what trials ahead you face. None of the soldiers who seem brave are coming with you, as they must guard the palace and the king. And none of the maids will be joining you to change your diapers, as they do not possess any combat skills. So you set off on your own, but your people have wished you good luck, and possibly meet new friends along the way.

You are quite the uniquely adorable angel princess; you stand 7'7" with long emerald green hair and eyes, and a slim built, and shining white wings of an angel. Your shirt leaves your diaper 100% exposed, and your diapers a plastic-backed with 4 tape fasteners and all sorts of cute baby prints on it. In your bag contains multiple diapers and changing supplies, and you also have a divine bow and arrows infused with holy magic. You continue on your journey until...

The End

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