You wet your diaper again.

While you are having fun playing on the round about, you suddenly feel the padding on your diaper get slightly thicker and a tad warmer. You don't quite notice that you're wet, but Candy stops after a few minutes to check you. "It's a little damp, but it can hold more," she says with a smile. You continue playing with the other kids on some of the other things on the play ground. Upon going down the slide, a bunch of kids stat tickling you making you giggle hard and wet your diaper some more. Eventually, you're soaked again and you waddle back to Candy and ask nicely for a change. Candy happily grabs you by the hand and takes you into the nearby bathrooms for a diaper change. Naturally, she helps you out of your sagging wet diaper, cleans you up, sprinkles some powder and puts you in a fresh one. You thank her and give her another hug. What happens next.

The End

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