Tell her you just need diaper changes.

You don't want Talathia to be mean to you anymore, especially if she's going to be even more mean if you tattle. So you just tell Candy you all need changes. She takes all three of you into the bathroom and first sets Sakura on the table. She finds that her training pants are very messy and even got her dress dirty. So she undresses her, wipes her up clean, powders her up, and gets her diapered as well as you and Nozomi. She also gives her a pink shirt in her size to go with it. She then gets you on the table and changes your stinky diaper. Lastly, she then repeats the process with Nozomi, who is soaked, but at least she was only wet. Now that all three of you have fresh diapers, you all gather in a group hug. Candy then says that it is nap time for the three of you. Nozomi seems happy about it, and Sakura doesn't seem to want to nap. How do you react?

The End

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