Talathia proceeds to spank you.

Talathia gets into position to spank you. You feel a pressure in your bladder that you don't know what that means yet, but you let go and wet your diaper making it damp. But that doesn't change that fact that it's already sagging from the big mess you made. Talathia continues to spank you with an evil laugh making you cry hard. By the time she has finished spanking you thirty-eight times, you bottom hurts very badly, and you more than ever need a diaper change, but Talathia sure ain't changing you. Nozomi stands there looking teary eyed as well; she is so scared and so innocent, but there's nothing she can do. It is against her nature to fight back, but she can't stand seeing you and Sakura getting hurt. Her diaper is also soaking wet again; she really can't help it. What does Talathia do?

The End

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