Candy says it's lunch time.

Before Talathia can give you two spankings, Candy says that it's lunch time. She looks at you and Sakura and says, "We shall resume this game after the lunch break." You all head to the kitchen and take your seats. There are sandwiches for lunch; you and Nozomi get bottles of warm milk to drink, and everyone else has glasses of orange juice. Talathia puts something in Sakura's drink while no one is looking, and she also puts the same thing in your bottle of milk. You do see her, but you don't notice what it is due to your young age. You all enjoy eating, but the rest of you wonder what Talathia is giggling about.

After lunch is over, you all go back to the living room to continue playing school; where you and Sakura are getting punished for your bad grades. Sakura says she has to go potty, but Tal reminds her that there are no potty breaks and says she will be punished first for saying that. Talathia gets her into a spanking position and her paddle. Sakura fidgets as she struggles, but is unable to break free; especially while trying to hold it in. As she struggles, you feel some pain on your tummy; which causes you to grunt and mess your diaper. Talathia then proceeds to spank Sakura making her cry; she also hold on to her tummy as tight as she can. Nozomi trembles looking scared for Sakura and wets her diaper uncontrollably. After about a few minutes, Sakura looses control and fills her training pants. Talathia notices what she did and strengthens the spankings until she's done. She then says that you're next. waddling uncomfortably in your smelly diaper, you are quite scared. What happens next?

The End

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