She says she has some kind of game for you.

Talathia apparently does want to play a game with you three, but you wonder what game. You get the feeling it's gonna be something mean such as bullying or teasing you. She says she wants to play school and be the teacher. The three of you sit on the floor while Talathia sits on a chair and teaches you. She tells you that in her class, there will be no potty breaks or diaper changes. She also says that the three of you have to do exactly what she says or you will get a punishment. She hands some pieces of paper which have a lot of numbers on the, like math sheets. "Here are your tests, you better do them correctly or you will get spankings!" Nozomi is the only one who seems to understand it; Sakura gets that it's math, but it's too hard for her. "Isn't this 6th grade work?" She asks. Talathia pokes her in the forehead telling to shut up. You have absolutely no idea what this paper is so you just scribble. Nozomi quickly says that she is all done and Tal checks it all and says with an evil smirk on her face, "Good!" After time passes, Talathia says your time is up and she need to check the work. She sees that both you and Sakura did horrible and says you're both getting spankings.

The End

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