Sakura has to go potty and Nozomi wets her diaper.

Sakura suddenly starts dancing around awkwardly and Candy asks her, "Do you need to go potty?" She nods, and nice babysitter takes her to the bathroom to help her go. You and Nozomi wait outside; Nozomi's diaper starts getting thicker, but she doesn't quite notice she's wet. After Sakura is done, Candy comes out to check some diapers. She  first leans down to checks you finding you dry, "Well aren't you a big boy?" She smiles. And then she checks Nozomi's diaper to see that she is wet making her blush a bit. "Aww, it's okay sweetie, I'll get you changed." She takes her in the bathroom to change her diaper and gives her a loving pat on her bottom. Nozomi thanks her by giving her a big, crinkly hug; Candy "Awes" and hugs her back. You all go back outside to play some more, but something happens next.

The End

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