Nozomi has arrived.

The doorbell rings again and it looks like another kid has arrived. All three of you come to the front door to greet the new guest. Candy opens the door, and through that door is a super tall angel girl who is in her teens. She has beautiful green hair and dressed in just a shirt and diaper; like you are. This angel who is so big yet so pretty you think to yourself. Her name is Nozomi and is fifteen years old, but she looks like someone incredibly fun to play with. Sakura tells her that the two of you are playing hide and seek, which she agrees sounds very fun. You decide to count while the two girls hide, but you seem to have trouble counting so Candy helps you. After you warn and seek, you find Nozomi rather quickly, considering her how big she is. She starts to look rather sad as being big makes it harder for her to hide. Candy gives her a nice warm hug while you go seek for Sakura. You find her after about twelve minutes of seeking, and find her behind the couch in the living room.

After that, it is now Nozomi's turn to count and seek so you and Sakura start hiding. Nozomi knows how to count all the way to one hundred without any problem, which greatly impresses you. It only takes about a few minutes for her to find you and Sakura since she is quite clever. You both congratulate her and each of you hug her legs. She smiles and leans down to hug you both warmly. What happens next?

The End

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