Sakura is at the door.

You hear the doorbell ring again; it must be the last kid who isn't here yet, Sakura. You wonder if how old or big she is going to be and whether or not she wears diapers. Regardless if of what, you aren't looking forward to yet another kid seeing the big bad girl Talathia in diapers; especially if the kid is younger than you and not diapered. When Candy opens the door to let her in, you see a six year old Neko girl in a pink dress. She walks up to see that all three of you are dressed and shirts and diapers; then she lifts her dress to show you her training panties. You snort as she is exactly how you least wanted her to be considering your position. Nozomi and Zack both seem to like her, "I must find a way to get her in diapers, and I will also get my revenge against the fox lady!" You think to yourself. Candy then tells you all that it is lunch time. You manage to sneak up and get some laxatives to use. Nozomi and Zack already have bottles prepared, so you have no way of slipping any in their drinks without getting caught. But everyone else is having glasses of orange juice, your goal is to prank both Candy and Sakura without getting caught. Sakura might be easy if you just do her, but that leaves you with an unfinished goal. If you get them both, they'll likely catch you. If you do all three, you might be able to manage and get away with it, but you might get messy too.

The End

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