Candy finally decides to change you.

After sitting through all that pain long enough, Candy comes back to you and says that you may get changed. She leads you to the bathroom and sets you down on the table. She untapes your dirty diaper and carefully wipes you up clean; she knows you still hurt quite a bit. She then folds that diaper cancelling out the odor and tosses it in the pail. After that, the fox lady slides the new fresh, clean diaper underneath, rubs some baby oil on you to undo the rash, powders you all up, and fastens the clean diaper on. "There you go," she says sweetly. She helps you up to give you a light hug, but you don't by her kindness and can't wait to get your strength back. You then go outside where she tells you to go play with Zack and Nozomi. You considerer playing along to buy some time to find a new angle to get back at Candy, but you so despise playing nice with others; especially with babies of all sizes. But what is the upcoming event?

The End

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