Candy has you stay in it for a while.

With all those spanks, and a loaded diaper, Candy tells you to sit out all the pain until she says you've been in that long enough. You feel so unable to sit, but there is nothing you can do about it. Then suddenly the doorbell rings; the two year old boy Zack is at the door. Despite being much younger and smaller than you or Nozomi, as well as being a boy, he is another kid dressed in just a shirt and diaper which furthers your ill attitude towards the week of staying at this daycare. You are also embarrassed because you are still in a dirty diaper in front of a kid much younger than you are. You continue sitting in timeout with no strength to resist as you watch Nozomi and Zack play nice with each other. Now you really want to get out of this messy diaper, but what happens next?

The End

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