You start to play mean girl with her.

You start to open up a mischievous smirk, "Oh yes, I will play a fun game with you all right." You start tickling Nozomi mercilessly causing her to giggle hard and flood her diaper. You keep it up until her diaper starts to leak a bit causing her laughter to turn into tears. "Hahaha, naughty girl used her diaper beyond its limit? You are going to get spankings now!" She remains frozen, helpless to resist the horrible bullying you are giving her; all she can do is cry harder as swat her poor wet bottom causing it to leak even more. But while you are having fun, Candy comes in the room and sees what is going on. She sees the uncomfortable, innocent position Nozomi is in and embraces her. She gives you a scold to warn you that you aren't getting away with this. She carries the tall angel to the bathroom to change her out of the leaky diaper and into a fresh one.

After Candy comes back with Nozomi feeling much better already, she grabs you by the hand and prepares you for your punishment. She feeds you a bottle of what looks and tasted like regular fresh water. However, upon drinking it, you feel a strong pain in your tummy start to burst; she must have been feeding you laxatives. She then pulls you into position to paddle you. The swats themselves don't seem to hurt too much do to the thick padding, but after your tummy starts to relieve itself, Candy starts to spank harder which also makes it even more painful due to having a dirty diaper. You start crying really hard and swear revenge making Candy get even more serious. By the time you are out of strength to resist, what happens next?

The End

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