You see an teenage angel girl with emerald green hair and stands well over seven feet tall, greatly towering over the baby sitter. You also notice that she is also dressed in just a shirt and a super thick, plastic backed diaper just like you are. "Why hello there Nozomi," Candy says with a big smile. Nozomi waddles up to Candy to give her a big, crinkly hug. Candy hugs her back and pats her cute diapered bottom. You start to get a weird look on your face. Nozomi then smiles big when she sees that you're in diapers too and turns around to give you a hug. You blush hotly and yell at her not to touch you which hurts her feelings a bit. "Tal, be nice! She is one of our lovely guests as well. You better get along with her." You simply snort at her response; you wonder what's with all the big girls wearing diapers and feel a strong desire to get out of here. Candy then closes the door after you're all inside and instructs you two to go play and goes off to do more chores. Nozomi asks nicely, "What do you wanna play?"

The End

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