Don't resist

Feeling defeated and being too humiliated to argue against the fox woman, you lay there pouting coldly and just wait for her to get it over with. Candy wipes up your legs, slides the diaper underneath, powders you up, folds the diaper, and tapes it up on each side. "All snug!" she says. You notice that the diaper feels quite snug, but you still think you look ridiculous and want to take it off. Candy also puts you in a white shirt with a pink heart on the front making you blush even deeper, but remain speechless. Candy then informs you that now that you are dressed more appropriately, she informs you to clean up the mess you made in the kitchen. She gets you a mop and a bucket of cleaning water and tells you to wipe off the puddle. You reluctantly obey until the puddle is all clean, what happens next?

The End

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