Refuse to be diapered and fight.

"No! I am not wearing a diaper!" The Kitsune responds, "Yes you are, you obviously need them." You start to get even more upset, "I don't need diapers! They're for babies!" Candy then reminds you, "You are acting just like a baby, and that puddle on the kitchen floor and these drenched jeans tell me that you need a diaper!" Now you really start to burst out, "No I did not! That was a fluke! You pulled some kind of prank on me! It will not happen again! I don't wear diapers and I never will! I am a big girl!" You start kicking and screaming out of rage. Candy however, counterattacks with some motherly advice, "If you were such a big girl, you would have used the potty instead of peeing your pants. And you're already in trouble for eating all those brownies that I was saving till after dinner. More importantly, you have a lot of nerve for accusing a grown up of such blasphemy. You earned yourself a hundred spankings!"

Candy lifts you off the table and starts spanking you hard. You cry unable to bare such strength from her. You struggle, but you only succeed in making the pain worse. After she is done, and you're out of strength, she puts you back on the table and proceeds to diaper you. After having you dressed in just a shirt and diaper, she gives you a gentle hug to ease the pain a little bit, but you think to yourself about getting revenge. She then takes you out to the living room where you lay down on your front side while she goes to clean everything up. But suddenly, the door bell rings.

The End

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